We have rebranded our calculators as TaxLeak

Posted on 2019-12-28

Since the inception of our widely popular first tax calculator for Belgium, we have created many more calculators for countries such as France, Italy and Spain. As time has gone on, it has become clear to us that there is a large demand for our calculators and that having them all on separate domains is simply not viable. Thus, with the exception of our Belgium calculator, we have decided to move all of our other calculators onto a new brand we are calling TaxLeak.

Why the name TaxLeak?

The idea behind the name is simple. How much money are you "leaking" on your taxes? We are firm believers in giving people the tools to get a basic calculation of what their income will be after they have paid their taxes. The reason we think this is so important to society is because it gives people power. In an increasingly global economy, people can now choose to move around the world to benefit from better taxation in different countries.

By giving people calculators for various countries, you can be informed on which countries have lower taxes. By giving people this power, it also puts pressure on governments to lower their taxes and use what they have more efficiently, rather than relying on constantly increasing taxes over the years as they grow in size and scope of "public" services.

What comes next for TaxLeak?

While TaxLeak's main goal will be to provide simple to use tax calculators for free, we have added a blog. On this blog, we will often post updates that have been made to the calculators, as well as news on the tax systems of various countries when they make changes at the end of the year. The goal here is to inform you better in order to understand how much you'll be paying. On top of this, we'll start posting tips on how to lower your tax burden. As economic nomads, we travel to where the taxes are more beneficial for us often and benefit from a nomad lifestyle. We'd like to share that concept with you.